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Welcome to Rise 2023
MAR 25, 2023 | 9AM-4PM CST
Westlake Community Performing Arts Center
Experience the Power of Innovation
RISE is a two-part event beginning with TEDxAustin geared to adults, followed by TEDxAustin Youth focused on topics for middle and high school students. TED presentations bookend xLabs, our interactive venue that allows all participants an opportunity to explore new ideas and innovations presented by TEDx in an interactive, hands-on setting.
Xiaoyu Niu
“Can You Hear Me Now? Directional Loudspeakers and Its Longhorn Dreamers”
What if sound could be directional, like a laser, rather than omnidirectional like a light bulb? Longhorn dreamers are pioneering the revolutionary audio experience.
Gairrane Jones
“Using Artist Power to Reclaim Your Authentic Self.”
Garrain has been featured in media worldwide including Forbes and Impact Theory.
Cody Fisher
“Magic Performance”
Cody Fisher, magician, brings his incredible sleight-of-hand performance to the TEDx Austin stage as he shows us how finding one’s passion can inspire and motivate others!
Danny Firpo
“Virtual Production: How Game Engine Technology Will Change How We Tell Stories”
CEO and CO-founder of All of it Now, Danny has a background in Live Event and TV production, Virtual Production, system design, and digital marketing. He brings a diverse background of practical effects, live production, and brand marketing to every project.
Dr. Courtney Byrd
“Dream. Speak. Live.”
Dr. Byrd has dedicated her life’s work to improving understanding of stuttering, as well as developing a distinct standard of CARE (Communication, Advocacy, Resiliency, and Education), that empowers children, teens, and adults worldwide to never let stuttering stop them from pursuing their dreams, speaking from their hearts, and living their lives to the fullest.
Jack Neas
“Light Show Performance”
A high school senior and president of the Westlake Technical Entertainment Crew, Jack designs and presents amazing light show performances.
Sam Alexander
“Revolutionizing Fashion for a Circular and Sustainable Future with Technology”
Founder and CEO of C2C Fashion and Technology, Sam Alexander’s enterprise is focused on reinventing the fashion industry through a unique integration of fashion, technology, medical, and the arts.Their goal is to be the leader in fashion technology focusing on Nano and biotechnology smart fashion.
Thom Singer
“I Did That.”
Playing it safe can be “fine”, but disrupting your daily routines will lead to really experiencing your journey. Thom Singer shares how to: try new things, step into the uncomfortable and commit to ongoing and consistent actions.
WIT: Westlake Improve Troop
“Improv Performance”
Laugh until your cheeks hurt with WIT’s unscripted comedy performance!
Suman K. Sherwani
“Reaching For the Stars, and Following What Excites You”
Suman is an Avionics Systems Engineer at SpaceX, working on the Dragon spacecraft missions that take astronauts, science experiments, and supplies to the International Space Station. She is also a former Project Manager and Systems Engineer on NASA science missions which studied the mysterious interactions between the Sun and Earth.
Tissa Richards
“Making Resilience a Muscle Memory”
Resilience—many people view it as a sought-after character trait; something you become only after enduring the unthinkable. Others see it as a badge, reflecting just how much we can bear. But, resilient people have their own path to success—and they know exactly how to scale it. Tissa Richards shares her insights on resiliency and how we can make it a muscle memory.
AGNI Dance Company
“Bollywood Dance Performance”
Bollywood is an eclectic style of dance with a distinctly global flair. Innovative choreographers have been combining classical and folk Indian styles with disco, jazz and jive, salsa, hip-hop and modern. AGNI’s dance performance is sure to inspire!
Kamilla Yunusova
“Power of Being First”
Being the first to do anything comes with anxiety, fear and a nagging feeling of being an imposter. In her talk, Kamilla will share how leading the way is a powerful gift, and how more of us can dare to go first.
Danielle Sunberg
“Making Uncertainty Your Ally”
Embark on a journey with Danielle, a former lawyer who left her firm to leap into the unknown.  In this talk, Danielle explores the farthest corners of the world and the innermost reaches of the human soul to understand what it takes to live a fulfilling life.
Arnav Srinivasa, Arya Gullapalli, C. Nash Cohen
“Climate Change Innovation Ideas”
Three eighth grade students share their innovative, research-based ideas about climate change after winning fifth place in the world in a competition to design cities of the future.
Anoushka Soni
“Sustainability Advocate”
Anoushka is a high school student who is passionate about environmentalism and sustainability. Get ready to be inspired by Anoushka's insights on the importance of embracing sustainability in shaping a better future for our planet.
James Sunseri
“The Essential Skill You Can't Afford to Ignore in Today's Digital World”
James Sunseri studies the formation of our universe on scales ranging from stars to galaxies using numerical simulations and algorithms.
Joseph “Danny” King
“From the Swamps to the Skies!”
Joseph “Danny” King became a general aviation pilot and he and his wife built a Van’s RV9A experimental airplane. Since retiring, they have been flying all over the U.S.
Sophia Adarrab
“Perspectives: Dual Realities”
As someone who has experienced both adoption and immigration, Sophia Adarrab has learned to navigate the complex realities of her dual identity. Through her experiences, she discovered that we all have the power to choose how we can take control of our narrative and shape our identity.
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